The Beginners Guide- How to start your preparations for PMTs

 How to start your preparations for PMTs

Preparing for PMTs requires a proper planning and methodical and oriented efforts. Everyone must chalk out an effective plan for themselves that suit them and not just blindly follow others because what may suit others might not suit you. Method of studying may vary but there are certain common ingredients that are required to succeed – Regularity, Revision and Hard work.


There are certain questions in every aspirant’s mind when they begin their preparations. With this article we have tried to answer those questions here.

When do I start start preparing?

Nowadays some people follow the trend of joining coaching from 9th or 10th standard, but I believe honest preparation for 2 years i.e. XIth and XIIth standard is sufficiently enough to crack any PMTs. So, those who aspire to clear PMTs must start preparing from their XIth standard.

Do I need to join any coaching institute?

Coaching institutes don’t wave a magic wand or give you a potion and admission to any of the institutes doesn’t ensure success. It is you who will have to study and work hard but it is beneficial to join any coaching institute to help you clear your doubts. For this you need not join any 5star institute. You can join any good local institute that will help you with your doubts and guide you through the journey.

Should I join any Test series?

Regular test to evaluate your preparation is very important. It is advisable to join any good test series because it will put you in the habit of attempting questions in a given time frame and workout your brains and a feel of exams.

Remember one thing, though it is good if you rank high on these test series but don’t get disheartened even if you are not because those who rank well in test series don’t necessarily get good rank in exams.

What you must ensure is that you perform consistently and that you rank well in full course test series when the entire course is covered.

How many hours do I need to study?

There is no fixed no. of hours one must devote. This depends entirely on individual needs. What is more important is regularity- it is more important to study regularly than to study 10 hrs one day and not study at all the another day.

Make a habit of studying daily and regularly in a peaceful environment without distractions. Even 5 hrs. of study daily is enough if one studies without distractions and on a regular basis.

Which books should I read?

Most important tool to crack most PMTs are- NCERTs, the mother of all books.

It is a must to read NCERTs of class XIth and XIIth very thoroughly and sincerely as most of the questions are asked from these books.

Apart from NCERTs you must have the question papers of last 10 years so that you can analyze the type of questions asked.

Have a good MCQ book to practice the questions but don’t run after solving loads of MCQ books. Don’t think that solving high level questions from H.C. Verma or Mukherjee will ensure you success. In most cases you end up wasting your time in solving these IIT level books. Instead you must focus on clearing your concepts, memorizing important formulas and solving questions based on your exam pattern and level.

Should I make notes?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You must always try to summarize all that you have read in concise and easy to remember points.

Write what you feel is important for exams and highlight and color code your notes to make it appealing as it will get easily memorized.

Making good notes will save you so much time and help you immensely in revision.

Should I make a time table?


More important than making a time table is to set a goal. Set a goal and then divide it into short term goals. You must decide your goal for everyday that you have to complete this much of course or solve these many no. of questions. Don’t judge your study by the no. of hours you devoted but by analyzing how much did you read in those hours and what did you gain effectively because smartly used 5 hours can be better than 10 hours of just sitting with a book but effectively gaining nothing.


Now to summarize the preparation strategy in points:

  1. Have a plan and a schedule.
  2. Divide the time you need to devote for each subject according to your needs.
  3. Divide your course of each subject according to time you require to finish reading those.
  4. Set short term goals.
  5. Make good notes
  6. Always try to summarize what you read
  7. Study regularly in a fixed place of your choice which is calm and free of distractions.
  8. Evaluate your study by regular tests.
  9. Work on your shortcomings. Always try to improvise.
  10. Revise well. Without revision everything you have read will be wasted because you will forget if you don’t revise.
  11. Make a note of important dates for filling forms and exam dates.
  12. Make small pocket notes that you can look at even if you are travelling.
  13. Eat well, think better.
  14. Work hard, because there is really no shortcut to success.


Last Month Tips To Give Your Preparations a Cutting Edge- By Dr. Aparna Tripathi (AIPG 2016 AIR-16)

Yes, its APRIL! Time to put in your best effort and harvest the success.

With the calendar page turned to April and just a month remaining for the AIPMT, I believe it would have surely got the heart rates soaring. The anxiety levels would be high, but remember cracking AIPMT is a game of nerves. One must learn to be calm and focused in this crucial last month of preparation to book your seat in your dream college.

Entrance exams apart from evaluating the knowledge of aspirants also tests their analytical skills and logical thinking capability. Hence, one must study smart and most importantly be aware of what to do and what not to.

Here’s a smart plan to Fast-track your revision plan in the last month and to achieve maximum efficiency.

  1. Categorize your course: firstly, divide whatever you have read till now in 2 categories:
    1. I know it well
    2. I always forget this

For the first category since you know these topics well you just need to revise them once very quickly without wasting time on these topics.

For the second category since you always tend to forget these topics or you find it difficult, these topics must keep passing before your eyes everyday. So mark these topics in your book and make sure to revise them repeatedly.

  1. Divide your day: divide your day into 2 parts. One for revising your 3 subjects- biology, physics and chemistry, the other part for solving previous exam papers. Make a habit of solving one paper everyday in 3 hrs. duration just like you are supposed to do on the exam day.
  1. No study is complete without self-evaluation: keep a check on your performance by giving regular tests and evaluating your performance. After giving every test make sure to analyze the areas you need to improve and in which questions you go wrong. Read those topics well, clear your doubts and don’t repeat those mistakes.
  1. Revise the diagrams in NCERT extremely well: diagrams in NCERT biology textbooks are asked in exam as it is in AIPMT. Make sure you go through these well enough.
  1. Eat healthy, sleep well, think better: It is most important to stay healthy so have good and nutritious food. take a good sleep of atleast 6hrs daily. Take small breaks of 10 minutes to relax your mind and eyes after every 3 hrs. of studying.  Stay away from negative people and negative thoughts. Refrain from social media till your exams.
  1. Believe in your abilities and hard work: your hard work will pay dividends. Don’t let anything demoralize you. Believe that you will do it as you have worked for it. trust your strengths and have faith.

Your dream seat in prestigious medical colleges in the country awaits you. All the very best to all the aspirants.